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Take a step by step tour through Lyme Regis Museum...

History of Lyme Regis in Museum Objects

In 2010 Neil Ferguson, Director of the British Museum, presented a series...

Fossils and RocksFossils and Rocks

Here be dinosaurs! The museum’s geology gallery contains a wealth of fossils and tells of the early...

Mary AnningMary Anning

Mary Anning (1799-1847), born on the site of the Museum, is the most famous female fossilist...

Jane Austen dollJane Austen

Jane Austen (1775-1817) was one of Lyme's most famous and best-loved visitors...

John Fowles

John Fowles, writer, curator & collector. In 1978 when John Fowles became curator of the museum, its fortunes started to ...

John Gould

John Gould FRS of Lyme who became a leading ornithologist and influenced Charles Darwin..


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EVENTS: Coming up in December
The Conservation of Seaside Towns Tuesday 9th December at Woodmead Halls - 2.30pm. An illustrated talk by Peter Coe of The Lyme Regis Society. Organised jointly with The Lyme Regis Society. Know you...
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Comments (0) | Posted by Andrew May on 01 December 2014
Another chance to see our World War I exhibition

If you missed our WWI exhibition then you can see it now, in high resolution, on our Past Exhibitions page. Click here.

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Comments (0) | Posted by Keith Shaw on 21 November 2014
EVENTS: Coming up in November
What is a Shaman? Thursday 6th November at Woodmead Halls - 2.30pm. A discussion by the Curator of Ethnography at Exeter Museum on centuries-old practices involving interaction with the spiritual wor...
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Comments (0) | Posted by Andrew May on 01 November 2014
Lyme Freedom returns from Down Under
Australian coffee shop owners Jeff and Debi Johnson, from Crystal Brook South Australia, repatriated a Freedom of the Borough of Lyme Regis certificate at Lyme Regis Guildhall, today, Monday 13th Octo...
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Comments (0) | Posted by Keith Shaw on 20 October 2014
Museum Half Term Events
October 30th sees Lyme Regis Museum running one of its Fun Days! Admission to the museum is free and Alison Bowskill will be at hand to carry out a craft activity with visiting families. On both Octo...
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Comments (0) | Posted by Andrew May on 16 October 2014