Mary Anning Wing

The new Mary Anning Wing

Lyme Regis Museum has recently been awarded £798,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the construction of the Mary Anning Wing, the museum’s much needed £1,500,000 extension.

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For more details, please contact David Tucker, Director on or 01297 443370 Ext. 2

Just What Is The Mary Anning Wing?

The Mary Anning Wing will provide our 113 year old museum with the services it needs to bring it into the 21st century. The Mary Anning Wing will include:

  • A new accessible geology gallery telling the story of Mary Anning and Lyme’s fantastic fossils
  • A state-of-the-art Learning Space, where we can welcome schools, run exhibitions and events
  • A lift, ensuring all our visitors can visit the museum’s first floor
  • An extended shop
  • Visitor toilets – so we no longer have to send people across the road to the public loos!

What Will The Mary Anning Wing Look Like?

The Mary Anning Wing will stand on the museum’s small terrace, on the seaward side of our building. It will look very different from our current building and will be built of zinc and glass. Zinc is an ideal material for coastal locations, it doesn’t slowly dissolve like the local limestone nor does it rust, as it has no iron content. Our zinc will be the colour of the ‘blue lias’ the local stone visible in the cliffs that dominate Lyme Regis. And glass? Well, we want to ensure that as many people as possible to enjoy the fantastic view of Lyme Bay.

Lyme Regis seafront is a combination of old and new, of traditional and contemporary, and the Mary Anning Wing will be a fascinating addition to the varied architecture of the town.


Mary Anning Wing