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William BucklandLyme Regis in Dorset has connections with an unusually rich array of distinguished personalities. Some were born here, some came for a visit, some came to stay.

You can find out about many of them in the museum, including:

Geology, Palaeontology and Science


  • King Edward I, who granted the town its first royal charter in 1284 (hence the Latin term Regis, or "of the King", in the town's name) - see related blog post
  • King Charles II, who came here twice... once as a fugitive during the Civil War, and then twenty years later as King (an unplanned visit caused by stormy seas)

The Arts

Business and Society

  • Sir George Somers (1554–1610), founder of Bermuda
  • Thomas Coram (1668 – 1751), social reformer and founder of the Coram Foundation
  • Elinor Coade (1733-1821), businesswoman and inventor of Coade Stone – see related blog post
  • Jack Rattenbury (1778 - 1834), smuggler
  • William Pitt the Elder (1708 - 1778) and William Pitt the Younger (1759 - 1806), both British Prime Ministers – see related blog post

Others not in the Museum

Due to lack of space, some are not covered in any depth in the Museum. However we will point you to more information about them if possible:

Rev Richard Penell of Porto and Lyme who lived in Rosehill on Silver Street. (see Research Papers)

Gallery of Notable People


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