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An overview of palaeontological research at Lyme Regis Museum

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Ethnic Minorities in Dorset

This was a major piece of research work, a book and an exhibition supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. A small part of the information available is shown here.

The Mary Anning Token

This one-inch (25mm) brass “token” was found on Lyme’s eastern beach by Phil Goodwin, whilst metal detecting in 2014, after storms and during the new sea wall works. We think that it could have been made by her father or her brother for her 11th birthday.

Dimorphodon and the Reverend George Howman


An abridged version of "Dimorphodon and the Reverend George Howman’s noctivagous flying dragon: the earliest restoration of a pterosaur in its natural habitat"
by David M. Martill  of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth

Full text in Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association
doi: 10.1016/j.pgeola.2013.03.003 - Available at

Buckland's Coprolite Table

The Geology Gallery of Lyme Regis Museum features a newly-conserved coprolite (fossil dung) table owned by William Buckland.  Museum volunteer Richard Bull, a qualified geologist and a local historian, has written a paper about this wonderful table which is available for download.

Epifaunal  worm tubes on Lower Lias ammonites

by Chris Andrew, Paddy Howe, Chris Paul & Steve Donovan

Fatally Bitten Ammonites

An abridged version of the paper Fatally bitten ammonites from the Lower Lias of Lyme Regis by Museum  Education Officer - Chris Andrew, Geologist - Paddy Howe, Trustee - Chris Paul and Steve Donovan

Common SealThe History of Lyme Regis in Museum Objects

In 2010 Neil Ferguson, Director of the British Museum, presented a series on BBC Radio 4 entitled The History of the World in a Hundred Objects, based on material in the British Museum’s collection. Lyme Regis Museum complemented the programmes with a series of talks: The History of Lyme in ....

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Ichthyosaur Temnodontosaurus E42 Lyme Regis Museum Ichthyosaur “E42”

by Phil Davidson and Ben Brooks


Industrial Lyme

A series of papers about industry in Lyme Regis by Richard Bull

RosehillPeople and Places

A series of papers about the people and buildings of Lyme Regis

Sir Crispin TickellThe Human Future

Whither the Anthropocene?

By Sir Crispin Tickell