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Get Fossilling on the Jurassic Coast! Come and join in with one of local geologist Paddy Howe's famous Fossil Walks along this historic stretch of Dorset coast.    
"A lucid, intriguing and humourous trip along the shore with Paddy & Chris" - Robert Plant

Paddy and Chris

Prices and Booking

Your fossil walk ticket gives you FREE access to the museum where you will be able to see displays of rare fossils, learn all about Mary Anning, the famous early palaeontologist who once lived on the site of the museum and much, much more.

Cost: £11 adults, children and students £6.

Times for the walks vary according to the tides.

Please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are planning a trip to Lyme and would like to know about availability on our walks.

Full payment is needed at time of booking so please have your card details ready when you phone 01297 443370

Alternatively, UK residents may send a cheque for the full amount made payable to 'Lyme Regis Museum' to arrive at least 48 hours before the day of the walk. It is, of course, possible to make bookings in person at the Museum.

No refunds will be possible for bookings cancelled less than 48 hours before the day of the walk.

If, for any reason, the walk has to be cancelled by us then full refunds will be given.

Some families return time and again to search with Paddy and Chris among the sand and rocks for fossils that have been washed-down onto the beach after 150 million years. For adults and children alike, it’s an unforgettable experience. Click on Fossil Finds to see some of the fossils found on previous walks.

Each walk is limited to 20 people per guide and you need to allow up to three hours. Walks can fill up quickly on the day so please call us and book a place before travelling any great distance.

There is a useful smart-phone app from Maprika which lets you view WD Lang's Geological Maps of Lyme whilst on the beach. Lang was an early Curator of Lyme Regis Museum. Click here to learn about the app.

Current Fossil Walks Timetable



  • Monday 2nd 9.00am
  • Tuesday 3rd 9.00am
  • Wednesday 4th 9.00am
  • Thursday 5th 9.00am
  • Friday 6th 9.00am
  • Saturday 7th 9.30am
  • Sunday 8th 10.00am
  • Monday 9th 10.30am
  • Tuesday 10th 11.00am  FULLY BOOKED
  • Wednesday 11th 11.30am  FULLY BOOKED
  • Wednesday 18th 9.00am
  • Thursday 19th 9.00am
  • Monday 23rd 10.45am 
  • Tuesday 24th 11.15am
  • Wednesday 25th 12.00noon
  • Thursday 26th 12.30pm
  • Tuesday 31st 9.00am
  • Wednesday 1st 9.00am


  • Thursday 2nd 9.00am
  • Friday 3rd 9.00am
  • Saturday 4th 9.30am
  • Sunday 5th 10.00am
  • Monday 6th 10.30am
  • Tuesday 7th 11.00am
  • Wednesday 8th 11.30am
  • Thursday 9th 12.00noon
  • Friday 10th 12.30pm
  • Thursday 16th 9.00am
  • Friday 17th 9.00am
  • Saturday 18th 9.00am
  • Sunday 19th 10.00am
  • Monday 20th 10.30am
  • Tuesday 21st 11.15am
  • Thursday 30th 9.00am


  • Friday 1st 9.00am
  • Saturday 2nd 9.00am
  • Sunday 3rd 9.00am
  • Monday 4th 9.30am
  • Tuesday 5th 10.15am
  • Wednesday 6th 10.45am
  • Thursday 7th 11.15am
  • Friday 8th 12.00noon
  • Saturday 9th 12.30pm
  • Sunday 10th 1.15pm
  • Friday 15th 9.00am
  • Saturday 16th 9.00am
  • Sunday 17th 9.00am
  • Monday 18th 9.30am
  • Tuesday 19th 10.15am
  • Wednesday 20th 11.00am
  • Thursday 21st 11.30am
  • Saturday 30th 9.00am
  • Sunday 31st 9.00am


  • Monday 1st 9.00am
  • Tuesday 2nd 9.00am
  • Wednesday 3rd 9.45am
  • Thursday 4th 10.30am
  • Friday 5th 11.15am
  • Saturday 6th 11.45am
  • Sunday 7th 12.30pm
  • Monday 8th 1.15pm
  • Saturday 13th 9.00am
  • Sunday 14th 9.00am
  • Monday 15th 9.00am
  • Tuesday 16th 9.15am
  • Wednesday 17th 10.00am
  • Thursday 18th 10.30am
  • Friday 19th 11.15am
  • Saturday 20th 11.45am
  • Sunday 21st 12.15pm
  • Monday 29th 9.00am
  • Tuesday 30th 9.00am


  • Wednesday 1st 9.00am
  • Thursday 2nd 9.30am
  • Friday 3rd 10.15am
  • Saturday 4th 11.00am
  • Sunday 5th 11.45am
  • Monday 6th 12.30pm
  • Tuesday 7th 1.15pm
  • Monday 13th 9.00am
  • Tuesday 14th 9.00am
  • Wednesday 15th 9.00am
  • Thursday 16th 9.45am
  • Friday 17th 10.15am
  • Saturday 18th 11.00am
  • Sunday 19th 11.30am
  • Monday 20th 12.00am
  • Tuesday 21st 12.15pm
  • Wednesday 22nd 12.45pm
  • Wednesday 29th 9.00am
  • Thursday 30th 9.00am
  • Friday 31st 9.15am


  • Saturday 1st 10.00am
  • Sunday 2nd 10.45am
  • Monday 3rd 11.30am
  • Tuesday 4th 12.15pm
  • Wednesday 5th 1.00pm
  • Thursday 6th 1.30pm
  • Friday 7th 2.15pm
  • Tuesday 11th 9.00am
  • Wednesday 12th 9.00am
  • Thursday 13th 9.00am
  • Friday 14th 9.15am
  • Saturday 15th 10.00am
  • Sunday 16th 10.30am
  • Monday 17th 11.00am
  • Tuesday 18th 11.30am
  • Wednesday 19th 12.00am
  • Thursday 20th 12.15pm
  • Friday 21st 12.45pm
  • Thursday 27th 9.00am
  • Friday 28th 9.00am
  • Saturday 29th 9.00am
  • Sunday 30th 9.45am
  • Monday 31st 10.30am


  • Tuesday 1st 11.15am
  • Wednesday 2nd 12.00am
  • Thursday 3rd 12.30pm
  • Friday 4th 1.15pm
  • Thursday 10th 9.00am
  • Friday 11th 9.00am
  • Saturday 12th 9.00am
  • Sunday 13th 9.30am
  • Monday 14th 10.00am
  • Tuesday 15th 10.30am
  • Wednesday 16th 11.00am
  • Thursday 17th 11.30am
  • Friday 18th 12.00am
  • Saturday 19th 12.30pm
  • Friday 25th 9.00am
  • Saturday 26th 9.00am
  • Sunday 27th 9.00am
  • Monday 28th 9.30am
  • Tuesday 29th 10.15am
  • Wednesday 30th 11.00am


  • Thursday 1st 11.45am
  • Friday 2nd 12.15pm
  • Saturday 3rd 1.00pm
  • Friday 9th 9.00am
  • Saturday 10th 9.00am
  • Sunday 11th 9.00am
  • Monday 12th 9.00am
  • Tuesday 13th 9.30am
  • Wednesday 14th 10.00am
  • Thursday 15th 10.30am
  • Friday 16th 11.00am
  • Saturday 17th 11.30am
  • Sunday 18th 12.00am
  • Monday 26th 9.00am
  • Tuesday 27th 9.00am
  • Wednesday 28th 9.00am
  • Thursday 29th 9.30am
  • Friday 30th 10.15am
  • Saturday 31st 11.00am


  • Sunday 1st 11.30am
  • Monday 9th 9.00am
  • Tuesday 10th 9.00am
  • Wednesday 11th 9.00am
  • Thursday 12th 9.00am
  • Friday 13th 9.15am
  • Saturday 14th 9.45am
  • Sunday 15th 10.15am
  • Monday 16th 11.00am
  • Tuesday 17th 11.30am
  • Wednesday 18th 12.15pm
  • Tuesday 24th 9.00am
  • Wednesday 25th 9.00am
  • Thursday 26th 9.00am
  • Friday 27th 9.15am
  • Saturday 28th 10.00am
  • Sunday 29th 10.45am
  • Monday 30th 11.15am


  • Wednesday 9th 9.00am
  • Thursday 10th 9.00am
  • Friday 11th 9.00am
  • Saturday 12th 9.00am
  • Sunday 13th 9.30am
  • Monday 14th 10.15am
  • Tuesday 15th 10.45am
  • Wednesday 16th 11.30am
  • Thursday 17th 12.15pm
  • Friday 18th 1.15pm
  • Monday 28th 10.15am
  • Tuesday 29th 11.00am
  • Wednesday 30th 11.30am
  • Thursday 31st 12.00am

Special Walks

  • It’s sometimes possible to book a special fossil walk for just your family or group.
  • Please contact us if you would like to find out more about this.
  • We can provide special fossil walk vouchers, which make a unique gift.

School and Student Groups

We now offer fossil walks for school and student groups. Please contact us for more details by emailing us at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;"> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by ringing us on: 01297 443370. Alternatively our full contact details are available on our contact page. Download the Fossil Walk Risk Assessment (PDF, 87KB)

We have two experienced walk leaders (Paddy and Chris) and will take up to 40 fossil hunters on a walk provided both are available.

We always try to keep our visitor/guide ratio below 20:1 so everyone on the walks will get a high level of input on what to look for and what they have found.

Fossil Walk Tips

  • Walks leave promptly from outside the museum. Please arrive 10 minutes before departure time.
  • The walk is over uneven ground on the beach to the East of Lyme.
  • You’ll need to be reasonably agile and steady on your feet and should wear walking books or wellies and suitable clothing and headgear for the weather. We advise bringing a rucksack so you can collect fossil and remain hands-free. Bring a drink and snack. If you are bringing children under 8, we advise that they should have a particular interest in fossils and a good attention span!

Please note that walks always go ahead, whatever the weather, unless it is unsafe to do so.

Further information on walks, talks and exhibitions at Lyme Regis Museum: