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Cecil Gollop

Lyme Lads: the 70th Anniversary of D-Day

Posted on: 29th May 2014

Next week sees the opening of a new exhibition at Lyme Regis Museum. Called “Lyme Lads”, it commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the Normandy Landings during the Second World War. “Lyme Lads” marks the service and sacrifice of the local young men as they battled from the wide, sandy invasion beaches through the heavily-wooded small… READ MORE

New Species of Giant Bug from the Age of the Dinosaurs

New Species of Giant Bug from the Age of the Dinosaurs

Posted on: 22nd May 2014

In a recent event at Lyme Regis Museum, local collector James Carroll showed Dr Andrew Ross (fossil insect expert at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh) some specimens of fossil insects that he had collected. Dr Ross excitedly recognised one unusual wing as that of a giant water bug (family Belostomatidae). This family, which… READ MORE

Mary Anning's Google Doodle

Mary Anning’s Google Doodle

Posted on: 21st May 2014

Occasionally the Google logo is replaced with a topical “Google Doodle”, either at a national or international level. For example, two days ago on 19 May 2014 Google celebrated the 40th anniversary of Rubik’s Cube with an interactive version of the game. Today however it was the turn of Lyme’s most famous fossil collector, Mary… READ MORE

Exhibition: 12 x 12

Exhibition: 12 x 12

Posted on: 13th May 2014

Local artist Gail Sagman, of Jam Factory fame, is exhibiting the latest of her visually exciting installations in the Rotunda Gallery at Lyme Regis Museum, from 10-5 every day until 22nd June. Encircling the top of the Rotunda, it is called “12 x 12” as it consists of 12 arrangements of 12 repeat objects joined… READ MORE

Mary Anning Day 2014

Mary Anning Day 2014

Posted on: 12th May 2014

Saturday May 17th is Mary Anning Day, when Lyme Regis Museum celebrates the birthday of our famous fossilist with a range of events to suit everyone. On Saturday, the Museum will be offering Free Entrance for the day, Fossil Polishing on the Terrace at pocket money prices and a free afternoon talk at 2.30 pm… READ MORE

Mary Anning Day 2014

EVENTS: Coming up in May

Posted on: 1st May 2014

There are several events at the Museum this month: Lyme Regis Fossil Festival (Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th May): Schools day on Friday with lots of activities for everyone over the weekend “Know your Fossils” (Saturday 10th May): A talk and hands on experience of local fossils with the Museum’s geologists. Mary Rose Coach Tour… READ MORE