Earth Science

  • Ammonite

    Fossils and Rocks

    Here be dragons! The geology gallery of Lyme Regis Museum contains a wealth of fossils and tells of the early pioneering palaeontologists who worked at this Dorset town on what is now the Jurassic Coast World  Heritage Site. You can also learn about the great landslip of 1839 and link to all our fossil-related resources.


  • Henry De la Beche

    Henry De la Beche and the Enslavement of Black People

    In 1817, at the age of 21, Lyme geologist Henry De la Beche inherited the slave-worked sugar plantation of Halse Hall in Clarendon in Jamaica.


  • William Dawson’s map of the Great Landslip of Christmas 1839, published in 1840

    Landslips and Landscape

    The rocks of Lyme Regis and the adjacent stretches of Dorset coast represent layers from the oldest part of the Jurassic period, which were laid down at the bottom of a deep sea from 200 to 195 million years ago and are now rich in fossils.


  • Portrait of Mary Anning

    Mary Anning

    Mary Anning (1799–1847). Mary Anning was a self-educated, working class woman from Lyme Regis and the greatest fossil hunter ever known. Each autumn the Museum has a celebration of Mary Anning.Look at our events information for more details.