The Bindon Landslip of 1839

Conybeare and Dawson’s Memoir and Views of Landslips on the Coast of East Devon &c. 1840

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In 1840 Lyme geologists Rev William Conybeare and Dr William Buckland produced the first fully scientific report ever produced about a major landslip – the Bindon Landslip of 1839. It was beautifully illustrated with coloured maps and sections by William Dawson and engravings by Mary Buckland. Their conclusions are still valid. As the originals are fragile, we present this report here in full for your enjoyment. William Dawson also produced a model of the landslip – follow the link to read Thea Hawksworth’s paper on this model, which is in the Museum, and how the landslip happened. Click here to read the paper.