Industrial Lyme

Gas Industry in Lyme RegisThis is a series of papers produced to accompany a winter exhibition on Industrial Lyme at the Lyme Regis Malthouse in 2010-11. It mainly covered industries where there were no existing studies or publications. Material from the exhibition is occasionally shown again in the Museum and at other venues.

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Four of these papers are available to purchase by callers at the Museum’s shop (Woollen Cloth, Stone Quarrying, Lyme Regis Railway and Mill Trail), priced at £1.50-£3.00 while stocks last.

Generalities, the first paper, sets the overall industrial scene and mentions other industries. It shows where further information on them can be had.

0. Generalities (PDF, 83KB)
1. The Silk Throwing Industry (PDF, 3.49MB)
2. Wool Cloth Industry (PDF, 5.41MB)
3. Gas Making (PDF, 2.90MB)
4. Lime burning (PDF, 4.67MB)
5. Stone quarrying (PDF, 3.58MB)
6. Cement Making (PDF, 5.62MB)
7. Brick and Pottery Industry (PDF, 3.38MB)
8. Flax and Hemp Products – Oil, Oil Cake and Textiles (PDF, 3.98MB)
9. The Coal Trade and the failed search for Coal in Lyme (PDF, 2.25MB)
10. Lace making (PDF, 67KB)
11. The Water Industry (PDF, 2.14MB)
12. The railway (PDF, 4.13MB)
13. The White Rose Steam Laundry (PDF, 1.21MB)
14. Ironfounding and Stove Making (PDF, 2.55MB)
15. The Lim Valley Mill Trail (PDF, 373KB)
16. The sewerage industry (PDF, 6.29MB)
17. Building Stones of Lyme Regis (PDF, 4.23MB)

Corn milling and electricity are fully covered in books already published and available either in the Museum Shop, at the Town Mill Shop or in Serendip Bookshop on Broad Street, Lyme Regis. Maritime Lyme will be the subject of a later exhibition and publication.