People and Places

William Caddy & Sons

Coolrus built by William CaddyWilliam Caddy & Sons built Lyme Regis Museum. Although this building is what they are most remembered for, the company’s effect on Lyme in the early 20th Century was much more widespread.

Click the following link to read about his life and times: William Caddy and Sons – the Builders of Lyme Regis Museum

Henry Dinham Chard (1760-1847)

Henry Dinham ChardHenry Dinham Chard ran the Cobb shipbuilding yard from 1781-1812

To read about his life and times click the following link: Henry Dinham Chard

Sea defences – Lyme’s Battle with the Sea

The CobbMuseum researcher Richard Bull details the history of the building of the Lyme’s sea defences.

Part 1 can be read by clicking the following link: Part 1 – The Cobb Breakwater

Part 2 can be read by clicking the following link: Part 2 – A Town on the brink

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Sydney Jessett

Sydney Jessett, ArtistSydney Jessett (1885-1961) was a prolific and gifted Lyme landscape artist. His work spanned the period from before his service in the First World War in Flanders to his time in Lyme, where he produced thousands of water colours of Lyme landscapes from 1939 to the 1950s.

To read about his life and work click the following link: Sydney Jessett – Lyme Landscape Artist

Sherborne House

Sherborne House 2014Sherborne House has occupied a commanding position on the corner of Broad Street and Sherborne Lane for over 300 years.

To learn more about its history and the people who have lived there, click the following link: Sherborne House

Sir Henry De La Beche in Lyme Regis

Sir Henry De La BecheSir Henry Thomas De La Beche was one of the leading geologists of the 19th century and founded the Geological Survey.

He lived in Lyme Regis for some years and was both very friendly with and supportive of Mary Anning. To read about his early life and connections to Lyme click the following link: Sir Henry de la Beche

Cyril Wanklyn – Historian of Lyme

Cyril WanklynCyril Wanklyn (1864-1943) was, without doubt, one of Lyme’s greatest historians, ranking with the two other greats, George Roberts (1804-1860) and John Fowles (1926-2005). To read about Wanklyn’s life click the following link: People of Lyme – Cyril Wanklyn

King Edward 1st and Lyme Regis

King Edward 1 SealEdward 1st granted Lyme it’s charter in 1284. This guaranteed the upward climb of the small fishing village of Lyme Regis and its development into a thriving medieval market town, amongst the foremost in the area.

An article was written by former Museum Education and Outreach Officer, Thea Hawksworth and can be read by clicking on the following link: Edward 1st, Lyme Regis and the Town Charter of 1284.

William Porter of Lyme Regis

William PorterWilliam Porter, born January 2nd 1819, was the son of a Lyme Regis pilot. He was brought up in Lyme, where he lived all of his life. To read more about his life click on the following link: William Porter

Cyril Wanklyn and his “Lyme Leaflets”

Cyril WanklynLyme’s great historian of the 20th Century and former curator of the Museum, Cyril Wanklyn, spent countless hours working on Lyme’s historic documents much of which he then documented in his books and leaflets. To read our article on him and his “Lyme Leaflets” click the following link: Lyme Leaflets

JRR Tolkien and the influence of Lyme Regis

Drawing of the Cobb by TolkienAs a boy, Tolkien spent many holidays in Lyme Regis and this influenced his development as both a writer and artist. To read our article on how Lyme influenced him click the following link: J.R.R. Tolkien and Lyme Regis

Rev Richard Penell of Porto and Lyme

View from RosehillRichard Pennell was a wine trader born in Porto who was later ordained in the Anglican Church and built the Anglican Chapel in Porto. He married Mrs Rebecca Hammett who had built Rosehill, the Regency villa on Silver Street. To read the article by Richard Bull click the following link: Richard Pennell of Porto and Lyme

The Listers at High Cliff

High CliffMuch is written about the Listers in other places: this paper is about their holiday home, High Cliff, their life and achievements in Lyme Regis, the inspiration it gave them and how their lives linked Lyme Regis with their homes and aspirations elsewhere. To read the article by Richard Bull click the following link: The Listers at High Cliff

Monique Bellingham, Lyme’s Canadienne

Monique Bellingham, Lyme's CanadienneMonique Bellingham’s was born in North America in the 18th Century which is very unusual for a long term resident of Lyme Regis. Her story is a fascinating tale covering the lives of one family over four generations and three thousand miles and, what’s more, she played an important role in the development of the town. To read the article by Keith Shaw click the following link: Monique Bellingham, Lyme’s Canadienne

George Vialls and the architecture of Cockmoile Square, Lyme Regis

George Vialls and his wifeGeorge Vialls was the architect of Lyme Regis Guildhall, Lyme Regis Museum and many other significant buildings in Lyme Regis. These articles are by Max Hebditch who was formerly the Director of the Museum of London and Honorary Curator of Lyme Regis Museum.

Click the following links to download the summary leaflet and a fuller article on Architect George Vialls’ role