The Lyme Railway: Axed Fifty Years Ago

COMING SOON: The Lyme Railway: Axed Fifty Years Ago

Posted on: 21st September 2015

A new exhibition,“The Lyme Railway: Axed Fifty Years Ago”, will be opening in the Rotunda Gallery at Lyme Regis Museum on 7th October.

The exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of the axing of the rail connection between Axminster and Lyme by Dr Richard Beeching on 27th November 1965. It aims to show visitors what the line was like during its short life from 1903 to 1965, with some previously shown material by Ken Gollop together with some new material by Richard Bull. Also featured are:

  • A newly commissioned painting: The Early Train to Lyme on Cannington Viaduct by accomplished local transport artist Michael Stride
  • The Museum’s Lyme Regis Station model set as on closure day
  • Some mementos of the line and lots of images.

The accompanying photograph shows a train arriving at Lyme Regis station circa 1960 (photo kindly donated by E S Gosling in 2009).