Exhibition: 12 x 12

Exhibition: 12 x 12

Posted on: 13th May 2014

Local artist Gail Sagman, of Jam Factory fame, is exhibiting the latest of her visually exciting installations in the Rotunda Gallery at Lyme Regis Museum, from 10-5 every day until 22nd June.

Encircling the top of the Rotunda, it is called “12 x 12” as it consists of 12 arrangements of 12 repeat objects joined and connected in a balancing act. This represents the 12 links in the chain; a Buddhist belief in how things come to be and cease to be.

And the inspiration for this? Gail’s journey to Nepal, following the Blue Lias trail, an ArtsFest expedition funded by Arts Council England. Lyme Regis and Nepal are connected by more than the Blue Lias geology as Gail’s work demonstrates.