Mary Anning's ThunderboltsMary Anning’s Thunderbolts
a new exhibition for 2023

Opening Date | 29th April 2023
Free with Museum Admission

A fascinating journey into the past featuring famous Lyme Regis Palaeontologists Mary Anning and Elizabeth Philpot, a mysterious basket of Belemnites and some extraordinary inkings. An enthralling insight into the Palaeontology of cephalopods from the Jurassic period.

Including previously unseen exhibits from Private Collections and loaned pieces from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Beyond the Beach Huts: Strange Visions of Lyme Regis – Dave Wicken

November 28th – January 28th

In a fascinating exhibition in Lyme Regis Museum’s Rotunda Gallery, artist Dave Wicken will be sharing with visitors the fruits of his surreal imagination as he portrays the Jurassic Coast in a style halfway between drawing and photography. 

“I have been shooting and processing my own photographs as well as producing pen and ink drawings for most of my life,” explains Dave, “but a few years ago it occurred to me that I could combine the two.”  He still uses pen and ink in the traditional way, but adds colour and texture with software.

Inspired by the coastal scenery around Lyme Regis, Dave started wondering what may have inhabited the place long ago and what may occur there in the future.  His image of a ten-times life-size blue whale, leaping from the sea and about to crush Lyme Regis under its bulk, was inspired by a nightmare he had when he was four years old, but his photomontage of Lyme slipping into a vast chasm in the ‘Great Landslip of 2039’ is hopefully pure fantasy. 

‘Beyond the Beach Huts: Strange Visions of Lyme Regis’ will be running in our Rotunda Gallery from 28 November until 28 January, for visiting information please see our Plan your Visit page.