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Ichythyosaur Skull

In conversation with curious things

A creative project for wellbeing and enjoyment

Lyme Regis Museum is full of curious things, we often ask ourselves; how did it get here, who made it, why is it special?

This exciting new project, running from November 2020 to Spring 2021, is part of our centenary celebrations. Participants are invited to join us to take an exclusive look behind the scenes at 10 intriguing objects from the museum’s collections, from a 200-million-year old Ichthyosaur, to an old farm boot and a tiny dinner.

Co-led by artist Christine Allison and landscape poet Sarah Acton, this project explores the museum collections from new angles.

Christine believes, “anyone can draw” And Sarah says “we all have stories to tell, we will take inspiration from the object's history, Lyme's landscape and the people behind these objects to write our own words.”

To take part download the resources from this page week by week or pop into the museum to collect one of our limited edition (100) centenary packs.

To sign up or find out more drop a line to Bridget Houseago:

Writing Exercise Intro (PDF) >

Drawing Exercise Intro (PDF) >

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Additional Resources

Short films of Christine’s own project and for all our Museum at Home films >