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New Exhibition: Almost a Distant Land

New Exhibition: Almost a Distant Land

Posted on: 10th January 2016

The new year is underway at Lyme Regis Museum with a new art exhibition by Liz Somerville. Situated in the Rotunda, it will continue until mid-April. It is titled “Almost a Distant Land” because Liz feels that Dorset has a dreamy, far away quality. Original hand-coloured linocuts and photographic reproductions show how the land meets… READ MORE

New Exhibition: Serendipity

New Exhibition: Serendipity

Posted on: 18th January 2015

From 14th January, there will be a new exhibition in the Rotunda Gallery at Lyme Regis Museum. It is a “lucky-dip“ of pictures and objects from our reserve collections, chosen and put together by the Curatorial and research teams at the Museum. Works by Richard Eurich and other Lyme painters will be shown, together with… READ MORE

Gifted, Prolific, Forgotten: Sydney Jessett Returns to Lyme Regis Museum

Gifted, Prolific, Forgotten: Sydney Jessett Returns to Lyme Regis Museum

Posted on: 15th September 2014

Born in Bethnal Green, London in 1885, Sydney Jessett moved to the South West in 1939 with his evacuee granddaughters and wife, Ethel. Apart from service in the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War, Sydney Jessett was a clerk for the Church Missionary Society until his retirement that year. Living near Kittwhistle until… READ MORE

Exhibition: 12 x 12

Exhibition: 12 x 12

Posted on: 13th May 2014

Local artist Gail Sagman, of Jam Factory fame, is exhibiting the latest of her visually exciting installations in the Rotunda Gallery at Lyme Regis Museum, from 10-5 every day until 22nd June. Encircling the top of the Rotunda, it is called “12 x 12” as it consists of 12 arrangements of 12 repeat objects joined… READ MORE

New on the website: Lyme's Literary and Artistic Connections

New on the website: Lyme’s Literary and Artistic Connections

Posted on: 19th August 2013

The website’s longstanding “Writers and Artists” page has been given a bit of an overhaul, with a new title – Lyme’s Literary and Artistic Connections – and more pictures and information than before on the wide range of writers and artists connected to the town… from Jane Austen and J.M.W. Turner to J.R.R. Tolkien, Colin… READ MORE


Posted on: 19th July 2013

A new exhibition from the Artsfest re-collection project inspired by the Museum’s collections. The Catch by Sarah Thomas is in the Rotunda Gallery from 18th July to 8th September 2013.

Trapped in the Jurassic!

Trapped in the Jurassic!

Posted on: 7th June 2013

“Jurassic Dreams” is the latest in the ongoing re:collection series of exhibitions in the Rotunda gallery at Lyme Regis Museum. The idea behind the series, organised jointly by the Museum and Lyme Regis Artsfest  is to encourage local artists to take inspiration from the Museum itself. For this latest installment, Keith Robinson has devised an… READ MORE