Lyme Map

Trapped in the Jurassic!

Posted on: 7th June 2013

“Jurassic Dreams” is the latest in the ongoing re:collection series of exhibitions in the Rotunda gallery at Lyme Regis Museum. The idea behind the series, organised jointly by the Museum and Lyme Regis Artsfest  is to encourage local artists to take inspiration from the Museum itself. For this latest installment, Keith Robinson has devised an exciting illustrated story that starts with two children exploring an eccentric old museum. They discover a secret room containing dusty old instructions for building a time machine, and before long they find themselves… Trapped in the Jurassic!

As well as this new story, the exhibition showcases a wide range of Keith’s other work, which you can preview at his website Jurassic Dreams. As well as his children’s illustrations, Keith created the Lyme Regis town map that can be seen a short distance from the Museum at the corner of Marine Parade (see photo). You can read the story of how this large and intricate map was created, and see some of the intermediate steps, in Keith’s exhibition.